What can you do when you love to paint everything, but your dog just loves to run?

A fun story for earlier listeners and early readers.

eBook and paperback available here:

“A simple story with simple pictures…”

I Can’t Paint My Dog! was a story Pops created to read to his grandchildren to help them begin to read and enjoy books. The story is quick and fun, and the illustrations are just as simple. “Pops” explains, “I enjoy looking at really nice illustrations…the one’s that have all of the detail and things that keep you coming back to look at more closely. But that’s not the kind of illustrations I wanted for this story. I wanted a book that was fun to read and look at, but that might also make my grandchildren think ‘I could draw something like that!’.

“Kids are the greatest storytellers, so I Can’t Paint My Dog! is my effort to encourage them to turn those stories into books!”